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99-07 Suzuki Hayabusa Water/Air Intercooled Plenum

99-07 Suzuki Hayabusa Water/Air Intercooled Plenum

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99-07 Suzuki Hayabusa Gen I 1300 Water/Air intercooled Plenum...MAKE Your Turbo System Perform! 400 + Rear  wheel HP on Pump Gas  ( Your Turbo System must be able to make the HP stated. ) 

On the dyno: 

The Dyno Sheet is at 10 PSI of Boost on Pump Gas with med heat exchanger installed 
  • Incredibly low pressure drop.
  • Pressure drop on a standard water/air intercooler core is only .07 PSI. Pressure drop on a water/air intercooler setup is up to 20% times less than a comparably performing air/air setup.
  • Better engine cooling.
  • When road racing with a front mount intercooler you may have overheating problems. This is because the air going to the radiator has to pass through the hot intercooler first. With a water/air setup, you have more flexible options. The core will be located under the fuel tank, and the Heat exchanger can be mounted in front of the OEM radiator.
  • Better throttle response.
  • Instead of a maze of  charge tubes that is normally associated with an air/air intercooler, a  water/air intercooler can be mounted under the fuel tank, directly between the turbo outlet and the throttle body. A shorter intake route with fewer bends is very beneficial when looking to make more HP.
  • No heat soak.
  • A water/air intercooler setup circulates water through the core even when the bike is not moving. This is useful when drag racing, the core temperature rises due to a pass, the bike then sits still for a while waiting for the next pass.
  • Options :  Heat Exchanger  $ 175.00
  • Water Pump with Water Lines  $ 225.00
PLEASE NOTE : These Are Built To Order  Build Time is 4-6 weeks 
$1,595.00 $1,495.00
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