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We offer: Dyno tuning services as well as sales and installation for a wide range of electronic engine management systems. We offer dyno tuning sessions, trackside tuning and consultation. We feature such great brands as Dyno Jet, ECU Flashing, Holley, Max. Contact us today to start realizing the power that can be found. We are a full service shop / fabrication shop, Need More Info call 256 974-4099

Motorcycle Tuning (1 Map) = $350.00 * Power Commander aftermarket Fuel Box  
Motorcycle Tuning (2 Map) = $450.00 * Nitrous or Race Gas * Power Commander or aftermarket Fuel Box 
ECU Flashing Tuning (1 Map) = $375.00  Motor/Nitrous
ECU Flashing Tuning (2 Map) = $475.00  Motor/Nitrous

  • Turbo Bikes

Fuel Mapping Pressure Base Mapping $600.00 PC V PTI

Turbo Bikes, Nitrous Bikes, All Motor Bikes with Standalones = $600.00 + $100 a Hour after 3 Hours 

 Please make sure your bike is ready for the dyno session. The bike should have fuel that you will be running. Different fuels require different maps so be sure we don't build your map on a fuel you won't be using. It is your responsibility to make sure bike has oil, the chain is lubed, clutch plates are fresh or in good working order, and the rear tire is in good condition with the proper psi, 40psi is A Normal pressure that works well. 

Please Note : Tuning does not cover installation of parts or repairs.
 If the motorcycle needs to be removed from the dyno to make repairs, there will be an additional fee of $50.00 to re-strap the Motorcycle back on to the dyno. 

By using our site you agree to the following Terms of Use. All parts sold by Monster Motorsports LLC. / Monster Turbos / Stedman Motorsports. are for off road closed course use. They are not intended for use on public streets or highways. Please Note : shipping outside the USA we will bill for the difference when item ships.