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08-20 Suzuki Hayabusa Water/Air Intercooled Plenum

08-20 Suzuki Hayabusa Water/Air Intercooled Plenum

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08-2020 Suzuki Hayabusa Gen I 1340 Water/Air intercooled Plenum...MAKE Your Turbo System Perform! 380 /400 Rear  wheel HP on Pump Gas  ( Your Turbo System must be able to make the HP stated. )

  • Still looking for more info why you need to do intercooling ? Here is a Link to Gale Banks video (click on the word Video)on the befits of intercooling 

The Dyno Sheet is at 10 PSI of Boost on Pump Gas with med heat exchanger installed 
  • Incredibly low pressure drop.
  • Pressure drop on a standard water/air intercooler core is only .07 PSI. Pressure drop on a water/air intercooler setup is up to 20% times less than a comparably performing air/air setup.
  • Better engine cooling.
  • When road racing with a front mount intercooler you may have overheating problems. This is because the air going to the radiator has to pass through the hot intercooler first. With a water/air setup, you have more flexible options. The core will be located under the fuel tank, and the Heat exchanger can be mounted in front of the OEM radiator.
  • Better throttle response.
  • Instead of a maze of  charge tubes that is normally associated with an air/air intercooler, a  water/air intercooler can be mounted under the fuel tank, directly between the turbo outlet and the throttle body. A shorter intake route with fewer bends is very beneficial when looking to make more HP.
  • No heat soak.
  • A water/air intercooler setup circulates water through the core even when the bike is not moving. This is useful when drag racing, the core temperature rises due to a pass, the bike then sits still for a while waiting for the next pass.
  • Options :  Heat Exchanger  $ 175.00
  • Water Pump with Water Lines  $ 225.00
PLEASE NOTE : These Are Built To Order  Build Time is 6-8 weeks 
$1,595.00 $1,495.00
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