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Kawasaki ZX14-ZX14R frame to throttle bodies spigots


Turbo Kawasaki ZX14-ZX14R 

 🔥 Upgrade Your Ride with Enhanced Performance! 🔥

Say goodbye to pesky boost leaks and hello to maximum performance with these Kawasaki ZX14-ZX14R Frame to Throttle Bodies Spigots Kit!

Boost leaks are not just a nuisance; they rob your bike of power and accelerate wear and tear on your precious turbo. But fret no more! Our spigots provide the ultimate solution, ensuring a perfect seal from throttle bodies to frame with an O-seal connection.

What's included: 🔧 (4) Spigots for a precise fit 🔧 (8) Stainless clamps for secure attachment 🔧 (4) Silicon hose connectors for seamless integration

Tested and proven: ✅ Tested up to 34psi of boost for peak performance ✅ Rigorously tested with 50psi of compressed air for durability and reliability

Don't let boost leaks hold you back. Upgrade your ride today and experience the power and precision you deserve. Order now and take your Kawasaki to the next level!