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Dynojet POD-300 Digital Display

Dynojet POD-300 Digital Display

Dynojet POD-300 Digital Display

The Dynojet POD300 is a great tool to monitor in real-time your motorcycle’s engine, air and fuel information. It enables display of data from Power Commander V, AutoTune, WideBand 2, and CMD by way of a included CAN cable. This includes real-time engine rpm, coolant temp, throttle position, map position (when using map switch), duty cycle, fuel change, speed, pressure, ignition change & wideband air/fuel ratio (w/WB2 or AutoTune connected). With a few clicks of the simple to use menu in the POD-300 you can also log data from your ride to analyze afterwards.


  • Real time fuel adjustments
  • Weather resistant for use in all conditions
  • Log channels saved to internal memory and can be viewed / analyzed with Dynojet’s PowerCore Software
  • High contrast display, viewable in direct sunlight
  • 3 programmable light alarms

Note: Handlebar mount sold separately.

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