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Cometic Bottom End Gasket Kit Kawasaki Zx14


Kaw ZX14 -ZX14R, Cometic Lower End Gasket Kit - C8713

Cometic meets the needs of each specific gasket by using materials that are the best choice for each specific application
Constructed of AFM (Aluminum Foamet Material) or a Fiber Material
All gaskets meet the highest quality standard

Included Items:
(4) Engine case gaskets
(1) Oil pan/pump gasket

ZX1400A Ninja ZX-14 • 2006-2008
ZX1400A-A Ninja ZX-14 Special Edition • 2007
ZX1400C Ninja ZX-14 • 2008-2012
ZX1400C-A Ninja ZX-14 Special Edition • 2008
ZX1400C-B Ninja ZX-14 Monster Energy • 2009
ZX1400E-F Ninja ZX-14R 2012-2014
ZX1400F-F Ninja ZX-14R ABS 2013-2015
ZX1400F-F Ninja ZX-14R ABS 30th Anniversary 2015
ZX1400H Ninja ZX-14R ABS 2016-2017
ZX1400J Ninja ZX-14R ABS 2019-2022
ZX1400J Ninja ZX-14R ABS SE 2016-2018