New Product Pro One Side Mount Headers (Hayabusa-GSXR)

2022-2023 Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 3 Hayabusa Stage 1 Turbo System


Product Details

Gen 3 Hayabusa Stage One Turbo Kit:

Please Note: A standalone ECU is required, we recommend the MAXX ECU Sport Package from Boost By Smith, the ecu package can be ordered through Us as well.

• Custom Garrett 50 trim turbo with TD Racing compressor cover, supports over 400hp
• Billet throttle body adapters and billet fuel rail
• 38 mm Tial gate (external)
• 304 grade stainless steel header and flanges
• Braided oil feed line and fittings
• Oil return line and fittings
• New in-line fuel pump
• 1:1 fuel pressure regulator
• Fuel lines for the fuel system
• Billet aluminum airbox
• Mandrel bent aluminum charge pipes
• Crankcase vent filter
• High flow air filter
• All vacuum lines, connectors, hose clamps, and fittings.
• Installation CD

To order any of the options below you will need to go to the "Turbo Kit Options" section and order the parts from that page.

Maxx ECU Sport plug and play package starting at-------------------------------- $3300 USD
Tial 50 mm BOV-------------------------------------------------------------------------$475 USD
Full pipe with black muffler-----------------------------------------------------------$850 USD

Due to the high compression ratio of the Gen 3 Hayabusa and the light valve spring pressures, we recommend only running 4 psi of boost as a bolt on kit. This system will make 230 Hp on pump fuel without any engine work. For the customer that wants more power out of their Gen 3 we recommend installing turbo pistons, and heavier valve springs.

It fits inside stock body work for a very stealthy look. This system can be upgraded to over 400 HP by adding larger upper injectors and some engine work. No more turbo upgrades to be purchased.

All workmanship comes with a 2 year warranty ----ie. cracking pipes or fittings
Turbo unit comes with a 2 year warranty
Fuel pump and regulator come with a 2 year warranty

This is A RCC Turbos Product. 

Please Note: These systems custom and are built to order and require 1-2 weeks build time (Call or Email to Confirm). If you need something different, email or call us (256) 974-4099.

*Shipping is billed at the time when the system ships.*