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2006-2020 Kawasaki Turbo ZX14 & ZX14R Side Water/Air Intercooler

2006-2020 Kawasaki Turbo ZX14 & ZX14R Side Water/Air Intercooler

(((Dyno and Track Tested)))
Water/air intercooler will need a  Ice tank or a heat exchanger, you can add them items in the drop-down menu and charge tube plumed into the right side or left side of your frame you will need to make the connection from your turbo to the intercooler. We also offer water pumps line kits just ask we will be more than happy to help you.     

This is the info 
 Be able to make 340 Hp on pump gas with your Turbo Zx14 & ZX14R 650 Hp on VP C16 
 You can set it up with a heat Exchanger or An Ice Chest for maximum cooling  

2006-2020 Kawasaki Turbo ZX14 & ZX14R Water/Air Intercooler 300HP + on Pump gas 650HP on C16
Current build time is 3-6 weeks 

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