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Holley EFI Digital Dash

Holley EFI Digital Dash

  • Plug and play connection to all Holley EFI systems via CAN bus
  • Compact, customizable dash for use in a variety of motorsports applications
  • 7" low glare, high brightness, high contrast, full color touch screen for easy viewing even in full sun
  • 800x480 resolution with auto brightness
  • Operating voltage min 8V - 20V
  • Weather proof aluminum housing featuring flexible mounting options
  • Completely customizable display of all EFI parameters including every user configurable input and output available
  • Multiple gauge and indicator types with limitless customization options
  • Quickly toggle between multiple active screens (tune, warm-up, race, drive, etc.)
  • Virtual Switch Panel (replaces the need for physical switches)
  • User defined alarms for any input
  • Configurable progressive shift lights and light bar
  • Control and on screen playback of EFI data logs
  • Download and save Holley EFI data logs to external USB memory stick
  • Expandable internal storage on micro SD card
  • Support for future USB devices
  • Upgradable with future software enhancements
  • Optional harness available to add physical inputs and outputs to the dash that can be used to perform multiple operations
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