06-17 Kawasaki Turbo ZX14 & ZX14R Co2 Front Mount Intercooler

$1,595.00 $1,395.00

New Product... 

2006-20017 Kawasaki Turbo ZX14 & ZX14R C-02 Intercooler 

*** C02 Front Mount Intercooler ***

Kawasaki ZX14 - Zx14R Turbo Bikes, We now offer A front mount CO2 Intercooler, 

Base setup, intercooler mounted to your fairing stay, charge tubes, silicon hose connections with ss clamps, solenoid , timer, lines, - the co2 bottle & regulator.

*The Benefits* 
Effective way of intercooling.
Less Weight.
Works with Most Turbo Systems on the market today. 
Compact fits with OEM Body Work and Head Light.


* Intercooler is directed for track use only.

 We also offer heat exchangers that take place of the ram air tubes and mount in the center of the ram air hole.